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You’re welcome to join me on my own Minecraft Server! It has plots, creative and mini games!

Now featuring Bed Wars & Cube Runner!

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The IP address is: or you can use
This sever is for the PC / Java version of Minecraft.

Billys minecraft server.

Load Minecraft, go to Multiplayer and add my server IP address!

  • Tehkan World Cup Amazing Comeback! - This is a video of me v’s my dad at Tehkan World Cup. This is an arcade game originally released in 1985! when my dad was only 10 years old! I was 3-0 down, 4-1 down and came back to win 5-4 🙂 Keep checking out my newer videos as I am going to be […]
  • First minecraft bed wars video - This is my first video playing minecraft bed wars. Its super fun but frustratingly hard and usually my team mate is annoying! I play bed wars on either the Hive server or the Hypixel server.
  • My arcade machines. - I’m lucky that my dad likes gaming! We have two original GORF’s, an original Space Invaders, Rampage, Donkey Kong, 1942, Mortal Kombat II as well as two machines that we have built together!
  • Boom Beach Attack Video - This is a short Boom Beach video. I made some of the models out of clay. I took the pictures on my ipad and then used my computer to make the video and music.
  • Stampy’s funland now on my Minecraft server! - You can now play Stampy’s funland on my very own Minecraft server. Play all of the funland rides and explore the entire map, online on my server! Join me on my server @ port 25565 Full instructions on how to join me and all the server features are available from